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Man struggles upwards; Water flows downwards

Man struggles upwards; Water flows downwards.

As the saying goes, "man struggles upwards; water flows downwards", to pursue their own ideals, for the good life, this is very normal, it is understandable. Like tree to go to high, like a bird fly to sky. With the pursuit of efforts, have the ideal to struggle. Only have a "high" in the heart, then will have a motivation.

Life is hard, life is struggle, maybe the setbacks all the way, but to do clear conscience in the heart. The sea, with the wind waves to show its majestic imposing manner. The vast earth, there are constant changes to make it colorful. Who would want to flatly light physical, who wants to own life in the shade. In order to "high" in the heart, go to work, busy work, life will be meaningful. To the pursuit of life to struggle and enterprising, make life be worth, then it will give us a good mood and good life.


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